ipmart-cables.com    Why buy i-Pmart Cables?
     Why buy i-Pmart Cables? 

Why i-Pmart Cables?
Our cables is a combination of the finest quality material, innovative designs and
lates technology that you can have it all at an unbelivable price.
At i-Pmart cable, quality is the most important priority!
I-Pmart cables is offer at excellent quality with high performance and superb craftsmanship, delivered to you at incredible
value that only throught your own experience you shall find it unbelievable.
Pure Copper Wire.
High-Purity Copper
Conductors Wire.
High Performance
Protective Jacket.
High quality protective cable jacket for
maximum durability and easy routing.
The facts and truth about i-Pmart Cables!
Through our constants year of knowledge and experiences in development of cables,
we nurture and develop teams to expertise in cable design, cable engineering and
cable manufacturing which specially focus on producing quality cables that consistently
meet and exceed standard specifications that are 100% tested before delivering to you.
Built In BSi Resistor 
All i-Pmart unlocking cables have
built-in BSI resistor, with this resistor
you do not have to buy i-Pmart SMA,
TMA (Test Mode Adapter) or
Easy Adaptor.
Durable Gold-Plated Pins  
All i-Pmart cables are designed for heavy
duty plugged in and long lasting usage.

Ours unlocking cable's pin is a gold
plated pins, so that it is corrosion-resistant
with better connection to the PCB.

Pins are designed to with stand of more
than 50.000 times of attaching and

Sample of original
and excellent quality
plastic material
Sample of recycle
plastic material
No Recycle Plastic

All i-Pmart cables are made from
original and excellent quality plastic

Recycled plastic material will result
in poor quality, unreliable and high
production cost which result in
irregular and unreliable performance.
As such, we only use the best quality
raw material to avoid ending up with
poor quality product performance for
our valued customer.

Sample of copper +
mixed wire,
it melted when heated
Sample of copper +
mixed wire, cable
will attracted to magnet
Pure Copper Wire

All i-Pmart cables wire are made from
Large-Gauge High-Purity Copper

Copper is the preferred and predominant
choice in the electricak industry because
of its high conductivity, both electrical
and thermal. In order to obtain the
maximum product performance, we
always used hig purity copper as the
best choice of raw material.